Torrens Titling System

Torrens title is a system of land title where a register of land holdings maintained by the state guarantees an indefeasible title to those included in the register. The system was formulated to combat the problems of uncertainty, complexity and cost associated with old-system title, which depended on proof of an unbroken chain of title back to a good root of title.

The Torrens title system was introduced in South Australia in 1858, formulated by then colonial Premier of South Australia Sir Robert Torrens. Since then, it has become pervasive around the Commonwealth of Nations and very common around the globe. In the Philippines, the Philippine Commission enacted in November 6, 1902 the Act 496, otherwise known as the Land Registration Law. This Act created the Court of Land Registration (CLR), the offices of the Registers of Deeds, and of the institution in this country of the Torrens System of registration, whereby a real estate ownership may be judicially confirmed and recorded in the archives of the government. However, the system actually took effect on February 1, 1903.

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