Land Acquisition

How to acquire land?

Senate Bill No. 2518
The importance of title to land cannot be overemphasized. The main
objects of land title registration are to protect property rights, to facilitate
transactions in land, and to enable land to be used as collateral for a loan. A title
provides incentives for investment in land and therefore creates an impetus for
sustainable economic development. In order to hasten title registration and thus
spun economic growth, the process should be simple, reliable, prompt and

One of the modes of acquiring public land is by Free Patent or
administrative legalization of an imperfect title. Historically, it is intended to
legalize and register the undocumented private land rights of native-born
Filipinos who are actual occupants of agricultural lands. It is the most
expeditious, popular and affordable mode of public land disposition because the
process is administrative and inexpensive to the applicant since it merely
recognizes his acquisitive right over the land as actual occupant.

Main Provisions of the Bill are the following:

  • Extend Free Patent to residential lands classified/zoned by the local
  • government in its land use plan as residential and is not needed for public
  • service and public use and subject to area limits
  • Reduction of period of occupation to ten (10) years
  • Removal of the restriction on encumbrance on the title

(Need to outline a detailed process here!)

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