House Coordinates

Official House Coordinates

Process begins the collection of house coordinates. Thereby, the focus was on satisfying the desire expressed again and again by potential large customers for a central point of contact for the data content of the real estate cadastre at the provincial level which provides these to be standardized fees and license models in a standard data format standardized for the whole Province of Zambales and the country of the Philippines.


The official house co-ordinates define the precise position of a house. The data source is the real estate cadastre of the Province and thus the official register of all land parcels and buildings in the same Provincial area.
In contrast to interpolated data, the official house co-ordinates are based on an individual site survey. They are continually updated by the cadastral authorities who guarantee a long-term safe investment to the customers.


Data are published as we receive them from participating members and sponsors.

Customer benefits

Using the official house coordinates, the user is able to plan and navigate precisely to the house and open up new markets. It is not only energy suppliers and the navigation industry making use of this possibility but increasingly also companies from the publishing and delivery sector.

Using a close-meshed partner network, DLRS is also able to attend to the different sectors individually. In doing so, the official house coordinates are integrated directly in sector-specific GIS solutions and services and provided to the end user in refined form.


The Province of Zambales is planning the expansion of the current house coordinates provision with the official house outline, a further data element of the real estate cadastre. Thereby, this involves building graphics in vector format which represent an ideal enhancement of the house coordinates and make possible the visualization of individual houses.

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