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Madison, Wisconsin

Control point positioning using GPS
Dr Jayanta Kumar Ghosh & Ch. Venkata Appa Rao
Civil Engineering Department
Remote Sensing & Photogrammetric
Engineering Section Indian Institute ofTechnology, Roorkee
Uttaranchal 247 667

GPS technique has been well established as a means for establishment of control points in surveying and mapping. In carrying out this, the absolute coordinates of at least one site have to be known accurately in WGS84 coordinate system. As WGS84 coordinates for a particular site was not known neither it could be derived, in order to establish a reference station, Single Point Positioning technique of GPS has been applied for several hours of observation spanning in three consecutive days and night. The observed value shows precise planimetric position but grossly imprecise in height. However, the study provides some insight on the influence of some variables like a-priori value of parameters, time of observation etc. on result. The paper also discusses the probable sources of errors, precautions to be taken and direction of further study.

DENR Administrative Order No. 98-48

Subject : Redefining The Program Thrusts Of The Field Network Survey Parties

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 45 dated 05 January 1993 and DENR Administrative Order No. 22, series of 1994, the Philippine Reference System of 1992 (PRS92), shall now be adopted as the common reference of all surveying, mapping and charting in the country. A transition period up to the year 2000 is allowed in order to integrated existing surveys after which the PRS 92 shall be recognized as the sole reference .

The Field Network Survey Parties (FNSP) in each DENR Regional Office are hereby activated and their program thrusts redefined accordingly towards effective planning and execution to achieve the objective of providing accessible PRS 92 Controls to all geodetic engineers using the conventional equipment and survey techniques.

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